Quality First

Be Smart and Compare!

Do you know how much actual silver is contained in competing manufacturers’ silver containing products?   You receive more than 1,000-3,500 times more genuine silver with Silverpure products than with "colloidal silver" based skin gels on the market today.  Know you're getting your money’s worth!

Not all silver is created equal

You get more than 1,000 times more valuable nanosilver with Silverpure than with most other “colloidal” type silver skin gels.

SilverPure products are natural, soothing skin creams.  Our skin emollients are free of harsh, manmade or synthetic chemicals.  Our creams and salves are specially infused with "ultra-high purity" elemental silver nanoparticles (nanosilver). 

Most of the silver based skin gels on the market today contain very little actual silver in their products.  Plain and simple, low ppm products do not contain nearly as much valuable silver as Silverpure products.  Please note that we are highly supportive of colloidal silver products in general.  We also want you to know that while somewhat similar, our product and colloidal silver products are night and day.  We have more than 1,000 times more real silver in our products. Silverpure products are usually more expensive than ordinary skin gels, but you get what you pay for.  Be smart and educate yourself as to what you are purchasing for your hard earned money! 

How do we do it?

We use groundbreaking nanotechnology to produce high purity metallic silver nanoparticles (also called nanosilver).  The nanosilver we produce is infused into our skin care products through a propriatary process we discovered years ago.  We control every aspect of the total emollient creating process in our facilities.  Our distinct quality is unsurpassed and we have gained a great knowledge in the art of producing nanosilver over the last 10 years. 

We start the nanosilver manufacturing process with raw imcoming silver bullion that has a purity of .999+ or sometimes .9999+ in fineness.  Then, through a series of chemical processes, we chemically manipulate the silver at the atomic level (in layman's terms) by "detaching" the outer electron of the silver atom and "re-attaching" it back to its elemental state as a very, very small silver nanoparticle.  We are really good at what we do.  Through a chemical,  electrolytic and mechanical process that we have constantly tweeked and developed over the years, we produce a very high quality nanoparticles metallic silver.  It is an extremely clean nanosilver with almost undetectible amounts of trace impurities. The silver nanoparticles that we produce are thousands of times smaller than some dusts and are unimaginably small in size.  The average silver particle size is 10-100 nanometers - which is a 10-100 billionths of a meter in diameter! We actually end up inadvertently "re-refining" the silver metal to a much greater purity during the actual nanotechnological process.  Finally, great care is taken so that our silver products contain an even amount of these silver particles throughout the mixture to assure that the correct amount of silver is contained in every use and the product works effectively on every application.

By controlling the chemical process, we are able to produce silver with a purity that sets SilverPure apart from any other silver skin care product on the market today.